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Červená Lhota

Červená Lhota

district: Jindřichův Hradec
municipality: Pluhův Žďár
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                                opening hours

                                • May, September - denně mimo Po 9:30 - 16:00 hod.
                                • June - August - denně mimo Po 9:30 - 17:00 hod.
                                • April, October - So, Ne 9:30 - 16:00 hod.


                                                              • adults - 60 Czk
                                                              • children, students, pensioners - 40 Czk
                                                              • foreign language presentation - 120 Czk

                                                                    guided tour

                                                                    • number of tours - 1
                                                                    • lenght - 50 min.


                                                                    • language versions Cz, Ger, Eng,
                                                                    • souvenirs
                                                                    • buffet
                                                                    • restaurant
                                                                    • carriage ride
                                                                    • weddings
                                                                    • social events
                                                                    • parking
                                                                    • guided tours reservation

                                                                                The water chateau Cervena Lhota is one of the best known and most romantic reneaissance chateaus in Bohemia. It was built on a rock island in a pond in a like village 8km north of Kardasova Recice. It looks like from a fairy tale and that’s maybe why a few  of them were made here. The chateau is situated on a small island surrounded by waters of the pond and is connected to the around world with a stone arched bridge from 1622. Originally there was only  a wooden draw bridge.But that was back at the time when  the chateau was not yet a  chateau, it was more of a fortress and its name was simply Lhota. Sometime in the 13th century an unknow constructor built a fortress on a bill in a wooded landscape with numerous ponds. The fortress was reconstructed in the 16th century into the today’s chateau form and later in the 17th century it was rearranged in a baroque way. Its name Cervena Lhota comes from that time, before it was Nova. The chateau got its new name most likely according to the color of the walling or the new roofage. It changed number of holders along the nturies. The last ones were the Schönburgs who transformed both  the interior and exterior of the building into the Gothic Revival.The arrangements  made during  the period from 1903 to 1912 brought back the  original reneaissance. The chateau got the neorenaissance arched gables that decorated all of the side faces and that are so characteristic of its current appereance.

                                                                                The constructers of the fortress- later the chateau,  took use of literally every  metre of the space thay had available. Four storeyed chateau  wings that are surrounded with  small courtyards occupy basically the whole rock island, one of the courtyards is even growing directly  out of the water. Also the chateau interiors are rich. In a small park on the bank of a pond there is a chapel with the tomb of the last holders. Tha chateau Cervena Lhota can be viewed from all sides. Around the pond in which the chateau is situated there is about a kilometre long walk circle along the park like adjusted bank.For the  romantics there is a posibility to hire a boat and go for a tour around the chateau pond.

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                                                                                GPS: 49° 14'49.480"N, 14° 53'5.129"E

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