Southern Moravian Region > Babí lom Observation Tower

Babí lom Observation Tower

Babí lom Observation Tower

district: Brno-venkov
municipality: Lelekovice
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                                  further information

                                  • official name - Babí lom
                                  • type of building - betonová rozhledna
                                  • built in - 1961
                                  • access - volně přístupná
                                  • spot height - 521
                                  • tower height - 15 m
                                  • viewing platform height - 12 m
                                  • number of stairs - 46
                                                                                    Babí lom is a rock with two peaks, southern (521m) and northern (562m) towering over the village of Lelekovice. In the past both peaks had been used for lookout purposes. The Austrian tourist club hada summer house built on the northern one and a lookout tower on the southern. The lookout tower was named after Brno’s that time mayor. Both destinations immediately became very popular with tourists though both of them ceased to exist during World War II. A new lookout tower, 15m high, was built in 1961. The Babí lom lookout tower is open to the public.

                                                                                    Zvětšit mapu

                                                                                    GPS: 49° 18'18.680"N, 16° 34'34.390"E

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