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district: Břeclav
municipality: Mikulov
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    The South-Moravian town of Mikulov is situated in the Břeclav district, about 50 km south of Brno at the border with Austria. It has about 7 700 inhabitants. This ancient town with its many places of interest occupies a unique area full of natural beauty, fairy-tale castles, ancient fortresses and great wine. It forms a part of the tourist destination Pálava and Lednice-Valtice Area.

    The first written reference about Mikulov dates back to 1429. The settlement was promoted the town in 1410. Mikulov and the whole manor were sold to the family of Dietrichstein in 1575 and they owned it till 1945. In the second half of the 16th century it became an important centre of manner-Italian Spanish culture. The town experienced the greatest expansion under František of Dietrichstein, when it became the centre of Moravia. The castle was reconstructed into the Renaissance chateau at that time. The Jewish community which had started to settle there in the 14th Century formed an important part of the population. The Jewish town was one the the most important in the whole of Moravia, and even the provincial rabbi was seated there.

    Mikulov has kept its late-medieval appearance up to the present day and visitors can see a number of monuments there. In the dominating feature of the town, the baroque chateau, is the Regional Museum with the exhibition of wine culture and its giant barrel. From the original castle, the Gothic prismatic city tower is preserved and next to it is the Baroque church of St. Wenceslas. On the square, there are many colourful Renaissance and Baroque houses and also the Dietrichstein crypt with 45 coffins inside. Other sites worth visiting are the  Jewish Quarter, Synagogue and important Jewish cemetery.

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