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Orlické Mountains

Orlické Mountains

district: Hradec Králové
municipality: Hradec Králové
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    The Orlické mountains are a mountain range in the south-east Bohemia, at the border with Polish KladskoThe name of the mountains comes from the river Orlice, which runs through this area along the border with Poland. The highest peak is Velká Deštná, which rises up to 1115 metres above sea level. A number of other tops overreach 1000 metres above sea level. The ridge of the mountains is formed from the north by Vrchmezí (1084 m), Šerlich (1027 m), Malá Deštná (1090 m), Jelenka (1097 m), Koruna (1099 m), Homole (1001 m), Tetřevec (1043 m), Kunštátská kaple (1035 m) and Anenský vrch (995 m).

    Sporty people will find a copious number of possibilities in this  region including cross-country skiing, cycling and walking The whole area is full of cycle-tracks, and the favourite cycle-buses are also at your disposal. There are many resorts which are well liked due to their  low prices and the fact that they are less crowded than other areas. The most famous are are Deštné, Rokytnice, Říčky, Bartošovice, Olešnice in Orlické Mountains, Sedloňov, Orlické Záhoří or Zdobnice. The chalet Masarykova in Šerlich is also very popular.

    In addition to sporting activities there are beautiful national parks and places of historicial interest in the area such as including chateaus (Častolovice, Opočno, Doudleby nad Orlicí, Kostelec nad Orlicí, Rychnov nad Kněžnou) and castles (Potštejn), which have rich history and interesting interiors. There are also many churches, chapels (Kunštátská kaple, Anenská kaple), and places of pilgrimage (Neratov, Homole, Rokole), whose large number and beauty illustrate a long tradition of godliness of this region.

    Tourists can also go back to the Middle Ages, in the open-air museum Villa Nova Uhřínov and military history admirers will be fascinated by the Hanička fortress.

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    GPS: 50° 15'6.708"N, 16° 25'42.430"E

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