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Chotěšov convent

district: Plzeň-jih
municipality: Chotěšov
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    The former Praemonstratensian convent was founded in vicinity of a church of St.Wenceslas and Virgin Mary within the period 1202-1210 by Hroznata, who had founded also the monastery in Teplá (1193).  First sisters arrived from the Praemonstratensian convent in Doksany; Vojislava, Hroznata’s sister, became its first abbess.  Due to various wars and changing owners respectively the convent (and the church) was destroyed and reconstructed again several times.  Actual redevelopment of the property came in the second half of the 17th century and finally in 1756 the four-wing building designed by J. Auguston was completed.  In 1822-1878, after various liberalizing reforms (1781) of the Emperor Josef II, the convent was abandoned and the church kept falling into disrepair. In 1878 the property was rented to Silesian sisters; in 1937, after the land reform, they bought a part of the property for symbolic price.  During the World War II the convent served as an old women’s house; in 1950 the clients as well as the sisters were ejected and the buildings were turned into barracks; in 1991 the convent (as bought in 1937) was returned to Silesian sisters.  Nowadays, the convent is in possession of the town Chotěšov and adjacent gardens belong to the Pilsner bishopric. Baroque appearance of the convent survived up to the present days.  The south wing of the convent shelters double-flight stairs with fresco showing pilgrimage of sisters to the God.  In 1901 a new, pseudo-Baroque church of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord was built by the North wing.  In 2004 the convent was listed among the 100 most endangered historical monuments in the world.

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    GPS: 49° 39'9.631"N, 13° 11'56.401"E

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