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Jindřichův Hradec Chateau

Jindřichův Hradec Chateau

district: Jindřichův Hradec
municipality: Jindřichův Hradec
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                                opening hours

                                • May, September - denně mimo Po 10.00 – 16.15 hod.
                                • June - August - denně mimo Po 9.00 – 16.15 hod.
                                • April, October - denně mimo Po 10.00 – 15.15 hod. (pouze okruh I.)

                                                                entrance fee - guided tour I.

                                                                • adults - 80 Czk
                                                                • children, students, pensioners - 40 Czk
                                                                • tour in a foreign language - 160 Czk

                                                                entrance fee - guided tour II.

                                                                • adults - 70 Czk
                                                                • children, students, pensioners - 35 Czk
                                                                • tour in a foreign language - 140 Czk

                                                                entrance fee - guided tour III.

                                                                • adults - 70 Czk
                                                                • children, students, pensioners - 80 Czk
                                                                • tour in a foreign languge - 360 Czk

                                                                guided tour

                                                                • number of tours - 3
                                                                • lenght - • Trasa 1: Adamovo stavení - zámecké komnaty ve stylu renesance až klasicismu a rondel, 45. min.; • Trasa 2: Gotický hrad, černá kuchyně, hradní kaple, 45 min.; • Trasa 3: Interiéry, stavební vývoj hradu, 45. min
                                                                • night tour
                                                                • other expositions - Černá věž, 20 kč


                                                                • language versions Cz, Ger, Fr, Ita, Eng,
                                                                • souvenirs
                                                                • WC
                                                                • buffet
                                                                • restaurant
                                                                • weddings
                                                                • lease of the premises
                                                                • social events
                                                                • parking
                                                                • guided tours reservation

                                                                            The Jindřichův Hradec Chateau stands in the town of the same name. It was founded on a cliff above the Nežárka river and the fishpond Vajgar. The area of the Castle and Chateau Jindřichův Hradec is, after the Prague Castle and Český Krumlov Chateau, the first largest in the Czech republic. It  has 320 rooms for which opening one needs 500 keys. Throughout the halls and chambers are 10 000 objects of art.

                                                                            The ground of the construction had been a Romanesque castle, which received an early – Gothic appearance later. Its basic parts, a palace, chapel and big cylindrical tower, are still standing. The rich clan of Vítkovci, holders of the castle, were noble-minded for Jindřichův Hradec. In the second half of the 16th century, the castle was new-built as a Rennaisance chateau. In 1773, it was destroyed by a conflagration and after that it was ruined partly.  It was restored in the beginning of the 20th century. The chateau´s holders were subsequently Princes of Hradec, Slavatas and Černíns. The ownership has been always changed throught inheritance and the chateau is one of the few historical monuments in Bohemia that was never retailed.
                                                                            The chateau entry has a Gothic gate from the middle of 14th century. The merits of the originál castle are located in the third courtyard. In the original palace wing there rested a well-preserved and valued early Gothic cycle of wall paintings from the year 1338, the largest set in middle Europe. An outstanding view point at the third courtyard shows Small and Big Arcades. The south part of the courtyard is closed by a Rennaisance palace of north Italian style with a pentagonal tower. The chateau provides pleasing night visitations, even with the hunt. 

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                                                                            GPS: 49° 8'31.139"N, 15° 0'1.559"E

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