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district: Jindřichův Hradec
municipality: Třeboň
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    The spa town of Třeboň has almost 9000 inhabitans and is frequently visited by tourists, who are mostly atttracted to its nature and history. The town is located in Zlatá Stoka in the district Jindřichův Hradec between the fishponds Svět and Rožmberk. The town centre is a historical monumental reservation.

    The origins of the town date back to the middle of 12th century. In the 13th century, Třeboň was mentioned only as a town. One hundred years later, the town was fortificated and was placed in the hands of Rosemnberg dynasty. The town was in this dynasty until 1611 and this period was the time of the largest expansion of the town. The town then flourished in 16th and 17th centuries, especially during the reign of the last two  members of Rosemberg dynasty, brothers Vilem and Petr Vok from Rosemberg. The welfare of the town was related to the development of fishpond cultivation. Around the town were established large fishpond and water utilization systems. In close proximity of the town was established the  fishpond Svět and the largest fishpond in Bohemia, Rožmberk. In the town lived a well-known fishpond manager Jakub Krčín. Since the year 1660 the town was in the hands of Schwarzenberg dynasty, who started the renovation of Třeboň, which was destroyed in the period of The Thirty Years war. Baroque adaptations gives Třeboň its present – day appearance.

    Třeboň has got a rare well-preserved castle system. The entry in the town is guarded by well-established grandiose gateways. A part of the defensive system was also the present Rennaisance chateau with a large park. The natural centre of Třeboň is the square, surrounded  by commons houses with Rennaisance and Baroque gables. The most remarkable property of the square is the town hall. In the middle of the square towers the Marian column, made in 1781. In the north-west part of the town are the remains of a former Ausustinian monastery of the 14th century with its church of Saint Giles. On the bank of Svět, about 1.5 km far from the centre of the Schwarzenberg native park is the Schwarzenberk repository. In the end of the 19th century a seasonal spa was established, which makes use of natural peat. There is also the Radegast brewery which was founded in 1379, making it one of the world‘s oldest. 

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